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K9 Nose Work Demo Day

K9 Nose Work Demo Day

September 24, 2017,  11:00 am

Come join us for a free demonstration day of the sport of K9 Nose Work!  Nose Work can be fun for dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperments and there are no pre-requisites to participate.  Click on the button below to register you and your dog for this free demonstration of the best smelling dog sport.  Everyone is welcome!


What is K9 Nose Work?

K9 Nose Work is a sport based on the dog’s innate ability to use his natural sense of smell. Started in 2006 by three detection dog trainers, the sport of K9 Nose Work develops your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games. In the beginning, your dog is searching for toys and/or treats. Eventually he will be searching for various scents, birch, anise and clove, in a variety of locations both indoors and out. The beauty of this sport is that all dogs, large or small, purebred or mixed breed, young or old, can participate. No obedience training is necessary. Our dogs are already experts at sniffing so we, the humans, will be learning from them!

Our Nose Work classes are structured where only one dog is searching at a time, enabling fearful or reactive dogs to feel safe and comfortable. This activity burns up
both physical and mental energy, something the guardians of a smart, active dog will appreciate. Nose Work can be done almost anywhere and requires very little
equipment. In this sport, you can just have fun bonding with your dog doing searches, or you can compete in Nose Work trials that take place across the country. Either way, you will be amazed at the difference in the bond between you and your dog you will experience through K9 Nose Work.

Class Instructor

K9 Scentral Southwest.jpg

East Mountain Dog Training is pleased to welcome Martha Kennedy, CNWI of K9 Scentral Southwest as the instructor for our Nose Work classes. What Martha brought to this sport were two active and reactive dogs who needed something to do. What kept her in the sport was her love of the teamwork that developed
between canine and human, the joy evident in her dogs playing with their scenting abilities, and the incredible community that surrounds K9 Nose Work. The nerdy science aspect of scent flow and movement were an added bonus!

Martha is trained and certified as a K9 Nose Work instructor by the National Association of Canine Scentwork (NACSW). NACSW is the only official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of K9 Nose Work.