East Mountain Dog Training
Dog Training for Real Life

East Mountain Dog Training

Dog Training for Real Life

Dog Training for Real Life

At East Mountain Dog Training ® all classes are taught by Certified Professional Dog Trainers. Our trainers provide a wide variety of training classes for dogs of all ages and all levels of handler experience. Founded on the passion, skills and knowledge of dedicated professional trainers, we are proud to bring a wide variety of training options to the East Mountains of New Mexico. Whether it’s our group classes, individualized private training or continuing education workshops, we are certain to have something for you and your dog.

Join us as we bring real life skills to people and their dogs !!

Now offering Canine Parkour !!

Canine parkour consists of teaching our dogs to navigate obstacles in their environment. This can include the home environment, a city environment and out and about on the trails. Parkour requires balance, coordination, strength, body awareness, mobility and safety skills that are employed by the dog-handler team. This 6-week class begins on October 26th.

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