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Sue Sternberg

Sue Sternberg is back.......with something for everyone!!

July 21 and 22, 2018


SUE STERNBERG (www.suesternberg.com), is the  winner of APDT’s  2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.  She founded the shelter featured in an HBO documentary: Shelter Dogs (www.shelterdogs.org).  She has developed national programs, such as Training Wheels® for community shelter outreach and dedicated herself to ensuring the quality of life of animals in their communities, at animal shelters and in safe adoptions. Her over 35 years of canine behavior experience, includes as an animal control officer, behavior consultant at the ASPCA, shelter owner, successful competitor in dog sports, and a teacher of dog trainers world-wide. 

She is the author of Great Dog Adoptions: A Guide for Shelters (Latham Foundation publication) and Successful Dog Adoption published by Wiley. Her other publications (all published by Dogwise) include Out and About With Your Dog, Dog-Dog Interactions, Assessing Aggression Thresholds in Dogs and Understanding Sociability (DVD).  Sue's latest book from Dogwise is Assessing Aggression Thresholds in Dogs - Using the Assess-A-Pet Protocol to Better Understand Aggression.  Sue has been developing and refining assessment techniques for decades to help shelter workers and trainers determine the likelihood that a dog will engage in aggressive behaviors.  This book includes Sue's newest protocols based on the theory that sociability is the key predictor of a dog's potential for aggression.

Sue is an accomplished fiddle player, a hobby paleontologist and enjoys hiking with her two adopted heeler mixes searching for the next big dinosaur discovery!!  She loves Earl Grey tea and is an avid Star Trek fan.


Day 1 - Morning 

Training and Managing Dog-Dog Reactivity:

This session is not just for those living with or training reactive dogs, but for instructors wanting new ways to include lessons that teach everyone with a dog to navigate in public and avoid conflicts.  Learn training and socialization techniques before reactivity develops and how to prevent a dog from barking & lunging at the sight or sound of another dog.


Dogs at Play - Keeping it Safe & Fun:

Whether it is a group of dogs playing at a local dog park, a group of shelter dogs out for exercise, a group of dogs in a daycare center or your own dogs engaging with each other in the living room, this lecture will take you on a tour of the most common behaviors seen when dogs gather together off-leash. By viewing videos in slow motion and frame by frame, learn which behaviors are healthiest and which are the most risky.  Learn the warning behaviors to look for, how to recognize when play has become too intense, how and when to interrupt dogs at play, and the ways in which to make sure the dogs are truly having fun.

Day 2

Assessing Temperament/Aggression Thresholds in Dogs & How to Use the Results:

This full day topic will provide pet owners, shelter/rescue groups, and trainers with techniques for assessing thresholds, behavior towards children & strangers, and resource guarding.  Learn how observation and assessment techniques can be modified and used as a tool in private or group training, shelter surrender consultations and for use in the presence of an owner.



Registration Fees

$89 – Saturday only
$89 – Sunday only
$165 – Two days

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Rules and Considerations

  • The seminar begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4:30 pm each day.
  • Lunch will be on your own each day (75 minutes).
  • There will be a 15-minute break during each morning and afternoon session.  Coffee, tea and water will be provided throughout the day.  Light snacks will be provided each afternoon.
  • This is a non-working seminar; therefore, participant’s dogs are not permitted in the building (with the exception of service dogs). Please note that untrained shelter dogs may be present on day two for demonstrations.
  • Videotaping will not be permitted without the express written consent of the presenter and host.